Wednesday, November 24, 2010

25 secrets of AZLIANA

Because of my friend Liyana deli, now  i have to share with you guys 25things about me -___-

1. My name is AZLIANA JUSNIDA my mama name me ^^

2. All my sisters have the same back name JUS but the rest were different

3. I love eating very much one of my fav is mcdonald

4. I am a coke addicted but right now i am trying to keep it under control

5. I am addicted to everything that have cheeseeee,

6. Shopping is so my thing, I cant keep myself cool or straight if i see something cuteee

7. I love bagss very much, branded or unbranded, right now i have 6 or 7 type of bags and only one handbag

8. I love fashion very much ^^

9. I love going to the cinemaaaa's

10. I used to be daniel radcliffe biggest fan !! believe me i have all the collected items such as the bags, the pencil case and etc

11. I love shout magazine very much especially because of it freebiess

12. I hate backstabber !

13. I hate women who love to show off but the truth is they are just ordinary people who live ordinary life

14. I love shah rukh khan very muchh

15. I hate a set of makeup and a MAC compact powder

16. I love hugo smells very much, make me wanna pengsann

17. I have 5 teddy bearss, a spongebob and patrick star ^^ . All were gave to me as presentsss

18. My first love was when i am in Form 5 which turn out that the boy was cheating on me after 2 years i got to know the truth

19. I am so not into boys who think they are hot

20. I love my family very much :)

21. I have a lot of cardigans from different colour but i only wear the black one

22. My best time was when i studied at KMM

23. I hate dating boys that are younger than me

24. I love my bf very much

25. He is a year younger than me :) a shock huh ? same goes to me.

p/s : Liyana aku malas nak tag, hehe so to all people out there do write 25 things about yourself after you had reead my so not secret life anymoreee :)