Thursday, July 12, 2012


salam, hai, hello and sila jangan terkejut.
So, here i am asking myself where the hell have i've been.
It have been quite awhile since the last time i been here and tell stuff about me and for those out there who are still wondering if me and hakiim is still together and hope we are. Sorry to disappoint you, we broke up.
And don't feel sorry for me because I think maybe things won't just go as I thought.
Let by gone be by gone, who knows maybe someday we'll meet again.
Jodoh kan no one knows except Allah swt.
oh, good news people I am n my third year, my final year.
Tapi sem 5 lah, still have one more sem to go. Currently, I am still drafting my research proposal.
My research is about traditional chinese medicine and its only a dry lab.
Some of my classmates will be doing wet where they will be dissecting lab rats such as ameline.
Her research will be awesome where she will induce rats with overdose paracetamol to cause liver damage and treat it with oleonolic acid i think, sorry if i spells it wrong. hehe
There will be extraction also which was my initial research idea. My ideal idea is to extract coconut and get it oils and treat it with any bacteria that cause skin infection such as Propionibacterium acne which cause acne. Research saids that coconut do have the antimicrobial properties to kill these types of bacteria. hehe
Other than that, nothing. So I'll be back.
anything, text me. ahaha