Wednesday, April 10, 2013

This blog is back !

So, how long has it been since the last time I posted something here?
Maybe one two years ago ? I can't recall it and too lazy to checked it out.

So first of all,
Dengan ini, saya azliana jusnida binti ahmad jafri (namapenuh) dengan rendahnya hati *rendahsangat* nak bagitau my degree days have ended ! Since a month ago I think. I think la. haha macam dah lama sangat cuti kaaan. I'd decided to come here and merapu balik sebab well I have nothing to do at home. Bosan gilaaaaaaaaaaaa except I had did some few baking classes for my own. Nak tau lebih lanjut check insta. hehe *promote*

Orang dekat luar sana mesti nak menyibuk tahu what happen to me isn't it. Why i stop posted in here and etc etc. First sebab, there's no time. Serious, haha busy memangjang dengan assignment final year project then masalah hati bercelaru *jujur* haha. Nah, frankly sebab at first I was not in a position where I feel like telling people about the sad life of mine *nangis* he he he he

So, yes. I am okay now. I AM FINE HOMOSAPIENS !
I had a couple of sakithatiisakitotak moment before and I gained my consciousness now. Not now now but lama dah, cuma baru nak cakap le. 

Moral of the story, don't fall in love. There's too much to lose. Focus on your studies if you are currently studying and be prepare for LIFE as most of you guys are entering the world of ADULT. There are way more roads that less taken and thorn and jungle and segala semak samun while you're on your way to celebrate Life. 

As for me, maybe things does not turn out as what I want and maybe its not my time for happily ever after yet. Who knows maybe someday some time some moment where there will be one crazy mad man who will fall for this perempuan gila *harapharapGDRAGON* whaaaaaat ? I can dream for ittt. Who knows maybe he will or maybe his cousin or friend will. hehe

Tengkuk sakit. Bye bye.

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