Saturday, March 19, 2011

headless ghost

this story is not mine but do enjoy it : )

A Personal Experience By Ashlee
This happened when I was 11. I am now 13 so it has been about two years since this happened.

On November 17, 2007 I had a sleepover at my new house for my birthday. My friends Britney, Jennifer, and Kelsey were staying over. We decided to play hide and go seek. After a while we played on my computer for about an hour. When we went to bed my closet was open, and Jennifer was the first to fall asleep. After that I fell asleep, then Kelsey. Britney was up all night.

When we woke up the next morning Britney told us what she saw that night. She said she saw the light come on in my bathroom, so she went to go see what it was. She saw a man with no head crouched down as if searching for something. His neck was bleeding very badly. She went back to her sleeping bag because she thought she was dreaming. About 20 minutes later she saw the man come out of my bathroom and go up to my bed. She said he was facing me. I was on my bed. Then he ran across the room and stop in front of Jennifer .She said he crouched down, and that he looked like he was inspecting her. Then he dashed into my open closet. When she finished the story we all said she must have been dreaming.

A couple of months later I left my closet open and was watching TV at night, and I was the only person awake. After a while my bathroom light came on, and I saw something moving in there. Then it came out of my bathroom and walked very slowly as if disappointed. After about 5 minutes I came out of shock, and called my dad to check and see if anyone was in my room. He did not find anyone in my room. He closed my closet door and left my room. The next day I called Britney to tell her what happened. We both agreed that the headless ghost was looking for his head. Ever since that happened I sleep with my closet closed and a night light on in my bathroom.

do beware my friends, who know that someday it will come to you : p hehe

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