Thursday, April 14, 2011

life as a house

tadi tengok cerita ini, best ^ ^
pasal a dad who are dying, he got divorced and have a son. 
when he got to know that he have cancer and dying, he tried to win his son back.
his wife left him and got married. 
he met her, asking her to let he have his son for the summer.
he want to spend his time and build up a house.
the ex wife, the son and others, no one knows the fact that this man is dying.
he is not the best father and husband and there are reasons why he want to build the house.

okay, penat tulis in english, hehe
senang cerita anak dia tue jahat sikit, mula-mula anak dia tak ley terima kena tinggal dengan the dad.
yelah, toilet dapur and tempat tidur semua in one place.
dorang live in a garaj, sebab rumah tengah nak baik pulih.
ayah dia sorok pasal dia ada cancer, sampai la one day he told his ex wife that he is dying.
cerita nie lebih kepada family, how a family was united by this house.
a father who want to tebus back all his kesalahan *sukahati je rojak :P
senang cerita pegi google cerita nie and tengok. gerenti menangis : (
in the end of it, after ayah dia meninggal rumah tue siap and tengok apa jadi dengan house itu by urself : )

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