Friday, April 15, 2011

my sayings on men

i used to be very very picky when it comes to men.
i have my own principles, women can live without them and be someone ^ ^
i have  too many bad experiences when it come to people who are called "men"
besides, they usually destroy a girls life.
they lure them and boom ! something bad happen and the conclusion
women get  sad and die because of them.
we used to think men as our leader, family leader but somehow not all men out there are leaders.
so girls, if you said you found a real good men. ask yourself how good are they ?
i ask the same thing to myself and i leave that part to Allah swt
if your instinct tell you " he is a good men" then just go for it :)
because these leader men are very rare nowdays until you have to compete each other : )

p/s : to all 17 and below do not get fooled into their trap. you guys are so young, do put studies as your top priority.

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