Saturday, May 7, 2011

tv3 urgh

okay, today tv3 tayang cerita dilwale dulhania le jayenge.
my fav hindustan movie and ohh yeah i do love hindustans :) esp when srk and kajol are together.
but one thing only, one thing only that make me feel like cursing tv3.
stop cutting all the scenes, you guys are ruining the movie la idiots ! =="
do not show the movie if your intention is to cut all scenes it is making viewers like me kutuk-kutuk tv3
you guys are memalukan diri sendiri la, kata tv3 the best ! kan dah bahasa tanah melayu back .
dah tak kira lepas nie nak tayang pun tunjuk jelah full movie otherwise dont !
paham ?

p/s: dah tade mood nak tengok

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