Sunday, June 19, 2011

happy papa day

i know its a bit late for me to wish happy father's day to my papa.
papa kakak miss you, it have been almost years since the last time i met you.
the last time kita met, kakak balik kampung perak time cuti matriks time pdt.
papa why do  you change ?
you never talked with me.
kakak tanya satu papa balas satu.
papa biarkan je anak sulung papa macam kita tak kenal.
kakak ingat papa dengan kak fiza rapat gila, i do cry time  tengok korang.
i am his daughter why can't i be closed with you.
you stop taking us back to damansara, the last time was bulan puasa where we lived there a month.
form 3 ke form 2, kakak tak ingat.
kakak tahu the only time i text you is bila i need money. its not that i don't wanna text you.
if i asked o told something else will you reply? when i called you seldom picked.
if we met you don't talk. do you still remember ?
time kakak sekolah rendah, papa masakkan time weekend.
bawa for holiday, beli kan belon yang macam-macam bentuk tiap minggu papa go chow kit or carefour dgn mama. papa i miss the old times.
kadang-kadang akak marah why must they got a divorced ? my family was awesome !
i never told anyone about this, i seldom talked about you.
kakak jarang cakap pasal my dad, kakak malas fikir. tapi deep in my heart i always asking god why must this thing happened ? how can two person with a rship father daughter boleh jadi two different people macam strangers. Yes, mama got married while you don't.
Papa my stepdad is the best man i can asked for. Withouht him i don't think i can study msu reaching for my future. Papa you are my dad my father the men that i will always remember as my papa.
without you i will not be born, you guide me to be a person. You teach me how to sembahyang, mengaji,  puasa. Hantar akak go kelas itu ini. But this was old times.
tapi papa today i am a big girl, kakak dah nak masuk 21. The last time we lived together when i was 12 years old.
i just wanna said this papa. You will be my papa and will always be but to me you are not my hero as my hero is Mr Ali bin mahadi that person is abi : )
without him we can''t have a proper live, without him i can't achieved everything i have now and without him my family, our family might have ended living in difficulties where you couldn't even imagine.

TO ABI, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY. You are the best person we can have.
p/s: er first time saya tulis emo, korang appreciate your dad sebab diorang tengok korang besar while mine doesn't and one day he just stop showing his care. Hargailah orang-orang itu ye anak-anak. muehehe

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