Thursday, October 13, 2011


hey, hai and salam : )

i guess i have been gone for too long, so here i am. I've been busy because of my final and because of other commitment. hehe
so, my quest for today is first love. Do you guys believe in it ? As for me, i do really believe it : )
but the only thing i know is,  first love always sucks. KAN ?
same as mine la. sian kan aiih T_T persoalan dia kenapa ? ?
maybe sebab time tu kita kanank-kanak lagi kot. Fikiran tak matang. Hormone badan baru nak produce esp yang macam progesterone and selanjutnya. Buat perasaan kita jadi  tak tentu arah.
Nampak je laki tu, ayat terabur. Heart beat dup dap laju laju. Peluh semua ada. Paling penting tak boleh tengok the guy punya eyes sebab malu kononnnya. hahahaha ! tapi itu semua fact kan ?
Bila dah nampak, pas tu tidur semua mimpi. Siap berangan and make a wish.
Time tu everything seems beautiful and tak terkata. Texting sampai sakit ibu jari semua. Pas tu tak nak let go or give up siapa tidur dulu. hahaha ! and i do really miss that moment. Sibuk buat benda lain eg study.
Sometimes, we wish that moment won't pass by. Then, break up. Selalu perempuan amek masa sikit nak lupakan their first love. Tapi somehow one day, they will.
Sometimes, they wish for that person to come back.
Sometimes, they wish for that person to be dead.
Sometimes, they wish they can go back to time.
But i believed things happen for reason.
Only ALLAH SWT knows : )

the only thing i know, someday, somewhere there will be someone for us. It just a matter of time.
Every girl will get their prince.
Every men will get their princess.
Lots of love from me. bye !

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