Monday, March 5, 2012

i am back !

haha, after almost one year i am back. muahahaha
there are too many reasons why i am here blogging again, one of it i've got a new laptop and i guess i am a bit bored with my life. I just finish my parasite paper just now. MY FINAL.
We need to learn about parasite, helminth aka worms and flukes.
Its quite disgusting to tell you and the paper was sucks. I studied and studied but when i answered it just now it was like i never study. There's no even one past year question while the paper before that, repeated questions keep on muncul.
I guess our lecturer became rajin this sem so she make us one new paper for our sem, we felt cheated actually.
I drank two packets of coffe and end up sleeping at 5.30 am. Woke up around 9.00 am i think.
I watch runningman just now, my new favorite tv show from korea and big bang was the special guests.
They are a boy band. My boyfriend was in there, his name is dae sung. The one with blond hair and small eyes. haih, how i wish i was born and raised up in korea and suddenly enter the same school as him.
Sometimes, i wish i own a genie so i can keep on asking for wishes.
One of it was this, meeting dae sung. Its not that i dont like other member it just that i know dae sung first and from there i got to know about big bang. I love top green bluish color hair. Its unique <3

this is dae sung. 

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