Friday, March 18, 2011

fast food

it have been months since the last time i ate them. i miss you guys : (
my fav drink and foods nampak ini, sedap nyum nyum
seriously, it have been ages since the last time i touch them both. there's a reason though. my weight T_T
ye wahai orang diluar, benda ini sedap hingga menjilat jari tapi beware dengan the calories and fat fat and sugar sugar : P tak bagus untuk kesihatan and fat people like me. thus, something need to be done by me before i look like those people who enter the biggest loser. its hard like hell but its worth it :) i lost 5kg okay : ) itu pun sebab i gain more sampai terkejut menggeletar lutut kaki. sigh
susah tau, kena kurangkan nasi, minum banyak air suam. no cheese langsung and fast food.
imagine that, my life is sucks nowdays! plus i have to jog almost evday but right now i am lucky as its have been like evday raining : )


  1. wahh..sgt seksa ble perlu berdiet.huhu.maybe sy perlu sgt2 syukur n muhasabah diri coz no need to dieting..btw,chaiyok2..!