Saturday, June 4, 2011


right now i am watching this movie at tv3 as hbo, max and star have nothing on it. can you believe it ?
even fox, e and the cartoons. urghh
what is the point of having hundred channels of movie but zero great movies ? duhh, noob astro =..=
so in the end of it i chose tv3, just now mama wanna watch cleopatra =='' but err the movie is kind a old ?
elizabeth taylor zaman muda, ehe *kan best if cantik macam dia
okay, i just wanna tell you guys that this is how i started to fall in love with kevin bacon :) hihi
i watch tremors for the first time when i was form in two. cinta pandang pertama <3
since then, almost every movie that have kevin bacon in it, i ady watched it but now he's old =..=
so he is not quite good looking anymore, sebab kulit dia tada tegang maa ? kan.
ada kerut sini sana eh salah there are wrinkles everywhere. hehe *bajet speaking
peoples please jangan tengok tremors other than the first one because others are pfft.
senang cerita cast dia semua tukar except burt and jalan cerita tada best lagi maa.
macam murah punya cerita. please jangan bazir masa tengok, ehe sebab saya marah tak best dah ! humph,
btw sad pakcik tidur awal nobody wanna teman me anymore. wuu kasihanilah saya insan terbuang ~ hehe

dia punya poster. muehehe
kevin bacon is the one wearing hat :) hot tak ?
all cast.

p/s: kesunyian and perut kekembungan rasa nak boom even minum indocafe he =__=

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